Whether it's your first massage or if you've had many, it's always a new experience with a different therapist. At Natural Symmetry you can expect a custom massage. We start by having a discussion about you, to find out what you want, need, and expect with your time at Natural Symmetry. We will assess your needs and then discuss a plan that will meet your goals. There are several techniques that can be incorporated to make you as comfortable as you need.

Most massage is done directly on the skin so getting undressed is the most common; however, it is completely up to you and your comfort level as to how undressed you'd like to get if at all, being fully clothed is acceptable too. You will be covered the whole time except the body part that is being worked on. if you prefer to be fully dresses, one of the therapies called "PUSH" is done completely dressed and works the whole body as well. The entire session is YOURS, after we determine your goals, how you want to spend the time achieving them is up to you. You may relax and sleep or talk, music will be available however if you have something you like to relax to, feel free to bring it in.

Throughout the massage it is also your choice as to how much pressure you'd like. If you like deep work or light relaxing work, please feel free to speak up at anytime during the session to request what you want to feel. You may choose 30, 60, 90 minute sessions. We will discuss what you truly need in a time and frequency schedule to meet your goals. After the session, we will again discuss how you feel and what you should expect to feel in the following days. Depending on your goals, we will discuss a plan for future visits to resolve issues as well as things you can do at home so that you progress and keep you feeling good.



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