PUSH Therapy grew from an understanding of how the human body developed and how it was designed to be used. The skeletal structure reveals how the body is supposed to be positioned for the muscles to work correctly and efficiently. If this "natural" posture is maintained the muscles work and rest correctly and tightness/pain does not develop. PUSH Therapy relaxes muscles to return the body to its "natural" posture. That is the relaxed, loose feeling. Your body is working the way it was designed to work.

PUSH is an acronym for Power Under Soft Hands. It is a muscle and soft tissue therapy used to relax chronically tight tissue. Tight muscles remain tight (and sore) because they are deprived of blood and oxygen. PUSH Therapy uses soft pressure stimulation, layer by layer, to return blood flow to the muscles so that it can function properly. Good conditioned muscle is soft, supple, and pain free.

PUSH Therapy is more than just a therapy session! PUSH Therapy has three aspects; 1) therapy sessions 2) self treatment 3) PUSH core strengthening. The therapy session returns the muscle to its soft supple properly functioning state. Then, with PUSH you will learn to treat yourself for multiple reasons. Self treatment will help you progress through the sessions faster. Treating yourself gets you involved in the process so you can better understand how your body functions and allows you to have the control of changing it. Knowing self treatment techniques also allows you to work on aches and pains as they come up and before they turn to chronic issues. The third aspect of PUSH Therapy is the core strengthening. Strengthening is done to maintain proper posture so your muscles continue to function properly and the chronic tightness doesn't return. Push Therapy is a customized plan for each client to make permanent change rather than temporary relief of aches and pains.

PUSH Therapy is not a massage. It is a therapy that works to relieve chronically tight tissue. The PUSH session is absolutely custom to the client because it starts with an assessment of the client both verbally and visually. PUSH is different from massage in that a "PUSH" session is done fully clothed, wearing comfortable clothing (no jeans or clothing with rough seams please). We start with a quick assessment, standing and lying to take notice of imbalances, tension, and to become aware of the position your body is in. Push is very interactive, you take part in your healing! Then unlike in massage where you are either face down or up, you'll be positioned specifically to work on whatever body part we are addressing. The physical work begins with stationary pressure in the area that we will be working, followed by the "work" part of the therapy called soft pressure stimulation. This is a back and forth motion on the muscle. This is not a deep tissue technique! Push works at the first tight layer of the muscle and as it relaxes, we sink to the next tight layer. With this technique the therapist does not push or dig into the muscle. Tight tissue hurts when its touched so you will feel this work being done. You will also feel it become less painful with each pass over the muscle. Both sides of the body are worked to leave you feeling balanced. Once the first side has been worked we take a half way assessment so you can see and feel the changes. Then the other side is worked. Then one last final assessment at the end to make sure you feel balanced. After the session you can expect to see and feel changes right away. There may be some soreness in the following day or two, however, more to the touch, not with movement, meaning you will still feel relaxed and loose but may feel where the work was being done. As you progress through the sessions self treatment methods will be taught as well as PUSH core strengthening exercises so you can maintain correct posture.



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