Natural Symmetry strives to get your whole being back in balance the way it was designed to be. Physically, mentally, spiritually, we are designed to work in harmony and our fast paced lives and habits can disrupt one or all of these. Whether it's tight muscles from work; abused muscles from sports, injuries or surgeries, or pain that needs to be managed, or a mind that needs relaxation and calmness, we can work together to get your Natural Symmetry back.

As every person is different, so are their needs. At Natural Symmetry, massage and craniosacral therapy are used to help heal those needs. Massage provides many benefits and there are several types of massage for you to choose from. Craniosacral Therapy works over many levels to help align and achieve your Natural Symmetry. After discussing your individual needs, you will receive the custom work you are looking for.

Matt Chaddock


Please feel free to call or email with any questions or comments. A goal of Natural Symmetry is to make you feel comfortable and educated.

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