My Philosophy to therapy is described in the name Natural Symmetry. Our bodies were developed to function in a certain way, the natural way. From ancestral times we were designed to stand, walk, run, and crouch all without chronic pain and tightness. Studying anatomy and the hanging skeleton model, the natural posture that functions efficiently and correctly is evident. That is the posture we were designed to function in and if we use our bodies in this manner we can live without pain and tightness. Our culture has changed which has forced us to use our bodies in ways that we were not designed for and that leads to chronic tension. Sitting in front of a computer for hours, as an example, we were not designed for that or the posture most of us take when sitting there. Everyone knows we get sore necks and shoulders from sitting in front of a computer.

We need to use our bodies the way they were designed to function in order to not build up tension which creates pain. Once tension and pain is felt, the muscles need to be relaxed so the skeleton can align back to proper functioning.

One aspect that I believe is often overlooked in today's medical field is how much of effect the muscle have in function and pain in the body. Pain is often treated with either pharmacy or rehab which is usually stretching and strengthening exercises. The muscles themselves are directly left alone. If a muscle is tight and you try and stretch it, the tendons at the ends of the muscle and the joint ligaments get stretched but the muscle in the middle is much stronger and elastic and doesn't change. Also if the muscle is extremely tight, it isn't functioning at capacity. The tight fibers are already contracted so your missing the strength and power (function) from those tight fibers. If you perform a strength test it may present as weakness but is there a lack muscle or is the muscle tight and therefore not functioning? That is a big difference because one requires strengthening and the other needs to be relaxed. Strengthening a tight muscle will only continue and worsen the problem.

There are many choices of services dr. chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapy, physical therapy, and many more with a variety of techniques in each one. There also are different levels of talent among the practioners as well as the client's preferences of style.
From these variables I believe in assessment and best course of action. By that I mean every type of therapy has its usefulness but not always the best for the specific issue. If pain is felt in the back, is it from structural or posture issues or is it from tight muscles or both? Some would see a chiropractor but if the pain is caused from knots and trigger points or chronic tension in the muscle, then soft tissue techniques may be better at relieving the pain. I believe in looking for the root cause and correcting that by referring the client to the proper technique even if that means, not me! I believe in having a network of therapists/Dr.s to refer a client to.



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